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The Restaurant

January 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Before seeing Sherlock Holmes, which was quite an enjoyable movie, we went to Legal Seafood.

They asked me if I had any allergies.  Thinking of this as an opportunity, I asked for the gluten free menu.  Plenty of options.

Legal Seafood, even though it is a chain, has excellent quality control.  Their wines are excellent – even though I didn’t have any last night – and I’ve always been satisfied by their appetizers.

I was intrigued by their fried calamari, fried in chick-pea flour, but as legumes are out, for now  we chose the tuna sashimi and the mussels as appetizers.   Chick pea flour is familiar to me:  its used in plenty of Indian dishes.

We shared one entree with two side dishes:  a medium rare tuna, baked potatoes and broccoli.  They were being generous with the baked potatoes.  I took the broccoli, which was cooked perfectly, without a taste of butter.  Fan took one potato.  I brought the other home for my brother.

The challenge was really saying no to wine.   A nice Sancerre would be appropriate.

Instead, I relished in my new found sense of self-control.