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Watch Out!

January 26, 2010 4 comments

It’s easy to let habits get the best of you.

This morning I went to a coffee shop for coffee.  I went to the corner.  Poured myself their regular roast.  And instinctively, as if I were a zombie, went to the dairy section, and poured myself some milk.  I stopped after one second.

I didn’t want milk.  I didn’t crave it.  It was merely habit.

Of course, I went back, got myself a black cup of coffee.  My body moved before my mind.  It’s how I will sabotage this journey.

Then there are the hidden ingredients.  I was looking at a promising fruit and nut bar.  It had some sugar-like glaze on it so I checked the ingredients.  It wasn’t the glaze, but that the ingredients in the dried cherries and cranberries already had sugar.

It’s one way dried fruit is particularly deceptive.  Even dried fruit may have added sugar.

Check the ingredients.  For now,  I’m giving up all dried cranberries and raisins for 30 days, unless I’m sure they’re free of any added sugar.  I’m not going to feel guilty about being deceived.  I will, however, freely feel irritated.