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Behavior and Goals

Today’s weight 185.5. Tannita computes my bodyfat at 26%.  I’m taking photos today.  They will not be published.

Goal 150. But 184 would be fine.

Dan John asks in Never Let Go “do your behaviors match your goals?” Do my actions of staying up late, drinking a Garnacha and shots, watching Breaking Bad or Entourage on my laptop mean I’ll become an engaging writer, a more creative singer or a stronger weightlifter? Will they help me lose my keg around the middle?


I cannot become a producer if all I’m doing is consuming. I will not let my body reclibrate if I don’t change what I do.

Of course, being creatures of ritual and habit, this is difficult. This is why success starts small, changing one habit at a time; a small thing; one that requires little work.  Find the tipping point. And I suspect, for me, it’s sleep.

So my next commitment, after that of writing, is to get sleep, and sleep well.

Anyway, I deadlifted on Saturday.

My warm up:

  • Foam roller; Three sets of waiter walks,
  • Forty push ups
  • Three sets of farmers walks.
  • 3×8 OHS with a broomstick, using a bench to sit on (this helps me get depth, as I’m tight)

Then 3×6 with the bar (one minute rest):

  • Power Cleans
  • Overhead push-press
  • Front Squats
  • Good Mornings
  • Rows

The Workout:  Deadlift

  • Frog snatch stance bar x 45
  • Romanian DL 8×95 (to stretch the hamstrings.  I keep my back tight)
  • Sumo Deadlift 2x8x135 (I’m learning this lift right now, so I kept it light)
  • Deadlift 2x5x185, 5×215; 185 x 5; 135 x 10

This was my first serious deadlift workout in a couple months so I focused on getting the reps out. The 215 was not uncomfortable, and I was watching my rest time.  I tend to seek more rest when I go higher.  My current one rep max as of January is 335.  I’m going to recalibrate that t0 285, and strive for a double of that.

Alright, now I’m going to have a little breakfast. The last few days I’ve been cooking all these extra vegeables from the CSA, so I have an army’s supply of Baighan Bartha (roasted eggplant), Okra Supreme (curried), and a homemade ragu from scratch.  I’ll cook some eggs with the veggies I’ve made.

I’m not sure what to serve the ragu on. Perhaps if I just used a lot of meat it would be enough.

Today, Squats.

I have most of my meals ready.  I will get some ground beef of some sort at whole foods.

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