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The Stages Of Restraint

The times I was previously successful losing weight, I didn’t give everything up at once.

I slowly eliminated candy bars and haagendaz ice cream.  Every time I went into the city, I’d buy a candy bar or some chocolate.  But now, my snack is raw cashews.

I stopped drinking sweet soda and fruit juice.  I replaced them with seltzer and fruit infused water.  Once in a while, a glass of V8.

I reduced my bread intake radically.  First, I went to whole wheat; multi grain; sprouted.  But finally I eliminated it as a habit.  That said, I occasionally cheat with a Italian Combo Sandwich or bread at a tapas bar, but no more than 3 times a month, and never alone.

I began the day with eggs, some meat and a fruit. Once a week I eat yogurt. My dinner was a meat (including fish) and vegetables

I began to order half-pints. Then I’d move to scotch or wine. Drinking less meant I enjoyed those special times more.

I walked for a half an hour every morning. Eventually, I ran a couple times a week.

My bar of choice became Larabars.

I parked far from the movie theater and grocery store.

When I learned about Paleo, I replaced pasta with spaghetti squash and potatoes with sweet potatoes.

And now?

I like raw vegetables, but if I need help, I still sautee them. I still use butter occasionally.

Prosciutto is good for you.

Sometimes I  intentionally just eat half of what was served.   Especially when going to the Cheescake factory.

I share my french fries and chicken wings.

I eat what I want, but sometimes I wait. I have a small slice of cake so I don’t offend anyone.

My current rules:

Get sleep.

I drink water.  I drink water when I drink.

Don’t need to say “never” but can say “maybe later.”

I will eat mindfully: two bites of everything is permissible.

I will eat one salad a day.

I will not eat later than 7:30pm.

At least not unless I’m cooking.

It has to be damned good cake.

I will enjoy being hungry.

I will think before I go out drinking and rehearse what I eat and drink, to choose the right dinner plan.

I want running to be its own reward; and working out to be its own joy.

I will refuse what I can’t control.

I will stay away from the buffet.

I will plan eat a salad before the buffet.

I will limit exposure.

I will eat slowly.  I will distract myself.

And when necessary I will actively resist, changing the channel.

Things to say.

If I drink this beer, I’ll feel terrible tomorrow.  I’ll have a beer another day.

If I eat this plat of rice, the joy will be temporary; it will not be a reward.  I’ll want this again.

I can break free; I will be happier.

I’ll weigh less tomorrow if I don’t eat these wings.

I can always eat or drink it tomorrow.

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