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It’s slow.

I hired a trainer.  She comes over a couple times a month and forces me to exercise more rigorously than I might usually do.  She’s strong and disciplined and honed right in my nutrition.

She gave me a plan.

Of course, I tweaked it.  It had some traditional understanding of grains, but gave me some perspective.  We talked of “baby steps” – ways to trick the mind into thinking that it wasn’t giving anything up.  It’s a crucial part of a lifestyle change.

It includes not saying “no” but “maybe later.”  Of allowing a taste of a dessert.  For example, I would usually right now be finishing a bottle of wine.  But since I was already out, I’m choosing tea instead.  I had a couple glasses, but I’m done.   This morning I went out for breakfast.  When I was full, I stopped rather than finish the half omelette remaining on the plate.

Her guidelines regarding fat were a little antagonistic, but perhaps  the occasional helping of brown rice isn’t a sin.

She gave me a quick test:  how many pushups could I do in a row, without stopping.  I discovered the answer:  44.

Normally I would do five sets of 20.

We did jump ropes and dynamic stretches.

So here’s my report.

First, healthwise, I still have high cholesterol.  But also good cholesterol.  My tri/hdl ratio is 141/69.  Doctor’s orders = drink a little less, lose some weight.

I’ve hit some good records:  Backsquat 5x3x255; frontsquat 3x3x150; deadlift 5×265.  All consecutive.

Bench 4x2x205; 3x5x185. I followed it with 16 plyo pushups (to failure).

Military press 2×145.

Estimated total 285+340+155= 780

I’m going down a bit for the chest, intending to hit 5x5x195 the next time, finishing with as many dips as possible.

I’m coming to grips with the fact that improvement, at my age, is slow.  At most I can trust 10 lbs a month.

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