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One of the most important elements of training is sleep. And I don’t think I get enough.

As a night owl, I’ve wondered if getting to bed by ten would improve my strength. I bet I’d start adding a couple stone of weights, plus losing some on my own body, once my body was repairing rapidly.

Over the last month I’ve not done any one rep-PRs, but improved slowly on a few elements.

The most clear improvement is that I can now do four dead-hang chinups in a row.

I’m deloading a little, returning to 3 or 5 rep maxes as I steadily increase weight.

A review of PRs Ive reached in the last couple weeks:

Bench Press: up to 5 x 205 and 4 x 205. Followed by 3 sets of ten dips.
Military Press 5×95
Deadlift 3×285
Back Squats 2x5x225

I saw this young fellow do 135 lb plyo squats. Yes, he was jumping, but into a 1/4 squat position. I wasn’t sure what to make about it. It looked very difficult, and he was in awesome shape.

Now the question is: should I get weightlifting shoes? And what kind?

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