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Aside from the booze, I’ve been fairly good. Today is a complete rest day for me, aside from a little salsa dancing.

I’ve been meditating a bit on my diet, and the plain truth is that my fundamental problem revolves around alcohol and stressed induced eating.

Alcohol tends to make me hungry. I’ve been moving from beer to wine and scotch, but it’s slow. I’ve been a learning a new psychological tool: “I can have some next time.” It’s worked a few times. There will always be an opportunity for more beer.

And when I’m stressed I want a big plate of Chicken Vindaloo with some rice. Fortunately, my resistance to desserts has remained steady, and habituated. I easily refused two cupcakes and a slice of cake. I just don’t feel good after I eat them.

The instinct diet says there are five fundamental instincts:

Hunger: to feel full;
Availability: whether its an unfinished bag of chips, stale popcorn or a big Indian buffet;
Caloric Density: hamburgers with cheese, avacado, bacon cooked in butter with carmelized onions; Cheescake.
Familiarity: Lamb Vindaloo takes me back home; as does french onion dip and barbecue potato chips;
Variety: to taste every cheese at a cheese bar.

A couple solutions: eat mindfully so that we know when we’re full. I keep my refrigerator empty of dense foods, aside from bacon. I have almost no sweet foods in the house.

But still, losing has been difficult for me.

On the strength front, it gets better. I’ve been adding a timer to mix it up a bit. I did 5 maximum rep rounds of squats at 2 minute intervals.

15xbar; 15×95; 3x8x145, timed and quick. Four days ago, I’d gone heavy. 5×135;5×185;3×225;3×205;5×185;5×155. The volume and intensity were both different.

9/14: Power Clean to 1 max rep of 135. Tabata 1 pood swing of 8 rounds 20sec/10sec rest. Deadlift, five rounds on the minute, with last round AMRAP. 4x3x185; 12×185.

9/15: 1 hour run in the AM. Evening worked up to a one rep max for Press of 145; failed at 150.

Yesterday’s workout: 4 rounds of 400m run/25 pushups. I thus did 100 pushups in one day.

So I’m feeling strong. Fat, but strong. It could be worse.

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  1. September 19, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    Indeed. But in truth it doesn’t sound too bad!

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