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Can you give me some advice?

Today was another breakthrough.

I’m doing bench presses and ask for a fellow for a spot. He’s athletic and cut. He says, “say, I need some advice. I’d like to increase my weight, but I’m not sure how to get to it.”

I was stunned. Granted, people have said I look strong, but I’ve still got an ample beer belly from 25 years of kit-kats and Sam Adams.

“My goal is a set of 6 at 205. I just did a set of 5 at 185.” It was a simple question.

“Lift the weight,” I said. “Go heavy with fewer reps. You can do 2-3. Mix it up other weeks, and end with a finishing set that’s easy to increase your total for the day. That’s when you can get to a point when you feel the burn without worrying about injury.” I explained the reason for doing five reps one day, three reps another, and then doing light weights in a 21-15-9 set. “Mix it up, and you won’t get bored. And just increase the poundage, even though you might do fewer reps. Your body will then adjust.”

He was satisfied.

But today’s workout:

Bench: Bar x 5; 5×135; 3×165; 3×185; PR 1×225; 3×205; 2×185; 3x 155; 8×135.
Deadlift: Bar x 5; 5×135; 3×185; 3×225; 1×285; 1×305; PR 1×315;; 1 x 315 (fail); 3×225; 3×185; 10×155.

That’s right.

Four plates on the bench.
Six plates on the pull.

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  1. September 1, 2011 at 8:48 am

    That’s right, you’re a badass.

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