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At the high school

I have a friend I met from a wine club who invites me to do crossfit type exercises at the high school.

The exercise was supposed to be this one.

Instead the coordinator, a charming teacher I knew from salsa, thought it was four rounds. We adjusted it because we didn’t have machines or a cycle. So it was:

2 sets of 10s sprints
2 sets of hill sprints
2 sets of 20s bear crawl
2 sets of 12s backward sprints
10 jumpsquats
50 yards lunges
20 pushups

The assigned workout was supposed to be one set of… choose four.
We planned to do four rounds of… everything.

After two, we started wondering, “how could he have finished these in 20minutes?”

I did three sets of most, but only 75 yards of lunges and only 2 sets of hill sprints.

I wanted to puke.

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