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Yesterday I went dancing. A fellow dancer and I started talking. He’d just gotten married. He was looking fit, but he was always a pretty healthy guy. He said, “you look a lot thinner.”

The interesting thing is that I’m still heavy. But yes, much of it is muscle now. Few people would guess my weight accurately. I still have a paunch, which is directly related to my beer intake.

I did measure my belly the other day however, and found some old notes. I was once 155lbs with a 40 inch waist. I’m now 178 with a 44 inch waist. My healthy waist would be about 37.5, which is about 5 lbs per inch, so a healthy weight loss would be about 33lbs. In some way this is necessary for my heart. It seems so daunting at this point.

But it was encouraging that he noticed. I do look better, and feel better than I did six years ago, when I was only ten pounds heavier and a lot weaker. I have an old passport photo that I barely recognize.

I went heavy the other day, but still lighter than where I was six weeks ago. I wanted to get out quickly, so I did some super sets. It looked like this:

Backsquats + Plyo pushups
Did two sets of three reps at 185, and then one at 205. Finished with a set of eight at 155. After each set five powerful push ups, trying to go as high as I could as fast as I could.

Deadlifts + Dumbbell presses
One set of eight at 135, and then two sets of five at 185. I then did three singles until I reached 225, before going back down to a set of 8 at 155. In between I did five sets of five thirty pound dumbbells.

I did two sets of one pull up and one set of one chin up in between these supersets.

It’s less than what I was doing before I left. They were “easy” but I didn’t want to hurt myself. I don’t have a partner, which makes me a little more wary.

But I won’t be taking any vacations for a while. I’m hoping that with slow five percent increases I may be able to get to my goals within six months.

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  1. August 5, 2011 at 1:03 am

    The main thing is to do more next time, of course. And, for there to be a next time, and soon!

    • August 5, 2011 at 1:04 am

      I mean, you can’t go wrong with full depth squats, push ups (or bench presses), presses, pull ups and chin ups. You can increase volume slightly across the board, but it’s more important to linearly increase weight.

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