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On Returning

I never left, really. I’ve still been lifting, although I’ve ended my tenure at Crossfit Stamford until I pay off all my debts (January 2013!) I’ve been using Starting Strength as my general workout routine, and do Tabatas, sprints, and other sors of intense exercises. I did also sign up for a triathlon on August 15th, so I’ll have to really start watching what I eat.

Of course, its been my birthday, so I’ve been obligated to eat cake. Yes OBLIGATED. I refused a couple times, and did not feel the urge to eat them. After eating, I felt crappy. I eat cake for my Lord.

But here is where I am right now.

I’m at #177lbs.
Deadlift is #265
Squat is #245
Press is #130
Total is #640

My goal this year is
Deadlift #360
Squat #315
Press #155
Total is #830

I think I can do it.

On my birthday I did
42 pushups
42 #44 kb swings
42 dips
42 lunges (21 each)
42 pullups (#100lb assist)

Eating? Not watching too much, but it’s still protein and veggie heavy. More salads. Still plenty of wine. Today I had
Chicken Vindaloo with rice. Awesome, but I’m going to go work out….

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