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Crossfit Identified

I haven’t gone to Crossfit for a while, but at the YMCA I’ve met several people who are familiar. Over the last year, nearly five Crossfit gyms have sprouted up in Westchester. At the gym, while I was doing some Double Unders, one of the trainers asked “you do Crossfit?”

He started talking to me about jump ropes. He convinced me to buy a RX jumprope, and it is pretty awesome. I’m out of practice with my DUs, but I’ll get back in form soon. Persistence is the key.

So yesterday while I was clearing off the weights to do some warm up squats, a fellow asked if I was done with the squat rack. I invited him to work in with me. He noted my Vibram feet and asked how they were. “Alright for running. But I need some good lifting shoes next.” Then I did some warm ups.

He looked at me and said, “you crossfit don’t you?”

“Yeah. I joined a gym for about a year, but only was active about seven months. Just couldn’t get over there as regularly as I wanted.” I explained that I was generally following Starting Strength’s routine, but adding Tabatas, High Interval Training, and the occasional burpee ladder. “Do you do Paleo or Zone?” I explained I was more paleo, except for when I’m not.

“I could tell. The shoes and the form. Good form.” He showed me a little app for crossfit footballers and then proceeded to his WOD

So yesterday Back Squats:

5 x BAR
5 x 95
5 x 135
5 x 185
2 x 5 x 205
1 x 3 x 205
1 x 3 x 185


5 x bar
5 x 75
3 x 5 x 95

Three minutes of Jump Rope in between

Last night I had a fair amount to drink. My brother and I made Chicken Cacciatore, which was pretty much all I ate all day. Ate it with cauliflower, so it was paleo.

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Goals and Calories

Not been eating right. This week, a general disaster. At 181 lbs, although my workouts have been appropriately tough.

Christian Finn has an interesting calculator to discern how many calories one should eat, including grams of protein, carbs and fats. Apparently, for me to hit my ideal weight, if I work out 4x a week, I should consume 1700 calories, about 155 grams of protein (630 calories), 57 grams of fat (513 calories) and 139 grams of carbs (about 557 calories).

More likely, however, I’ll consume something like this:
1700 calories
175 grams protein (700 calories)
60 grams of fat (540 calories)
115 grams of carbs (460 calories)

Of course, I could just restrict carbs and not count. But today, to end my awful birthday week (actually, it was awesome, just not based on what I ate), I consumed a very small slice of cake. It was still too sweet.

Friday workout:

Squat: 3 x 5 x 225lbs; 1 x 7 x 185
Press: 5 x 95; 3 x 3 x 115
Barbell Row: 3 x 5 x 125
Deadlift: 1 x 5 x 225
Jump Rope: 3 x 1 minute
Tabata Row: 4 minutes

Saturday 40 minute slow run of 3 miles within heart rate.

I have several goals, but my first goal is the following:

Deadlift #375
Squat #300
Press #150

Crossfit Total #825

+ Bench #225

These are ratios to my ideal bodyweight (about #150)
To my current body weight, it goes up to

Deadlift #435
Squat #345
Press #185

Crossfit Total #965

Bench #275

Can I do both? Perhaps If I keep the protein up! And if I get some sleep! I’m still confused about the belief that one cannot do cardio and powerlifting.

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On Returning

I never left, really. I’ve still been lifting, although I’ve ended my tenure at Crossfit Stamford until I pay off all my debts (January 2013!) I’ve been using Starting Strength as my general workout routine, and do Tabatas, sprints, and other sors of intense exercises. I did also sign up for a triathlon on August 15th, so I’ll have to really start watching what I eat.

Of course, its been my birthday, so I’ve been obligated to eat cake. Yes OBLIGATED. I refused a couple times, and did not feel the urge to eat them. After eating, I felt crappy. I eat cake for my Lord.

But here is where I am right now.

I’m at #177lbs.
Deadlift is #265
Squat is #245
Press is #130
Total is #640

My goal this year is
Deadlift #360
Squat #315
Press #155
Total is #830

I think I can do it.

On my birthday I did
42 pushups
42 #44 kb swings
42 dips
42 lunges (21 each)
42 pullups (#100lb assist)

Eating? Not watching too much, but it’s still protein and veggie heavy. More salads. Still plenty of wine. Today I had
Chicken Vindaloo with rice. Awesome, but I’m going to go work out….

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