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A report

June 22, 2010 3 comments

Although I haven’t written for a few months, I haven’t given up paleo. I’ve been reminded how powerful it is. Although I continue to drink, by simply being focused on a mainly paleo diet, I’ve been healthier. I’ve learned, also, to notice how bread, beer and cheese negatively affect how I feel.

I haven’t had heartburn until I decided to have calamari fried in bread. I’d been irresponsible the previous day as well, as some of my dinners had included breaded proteins.

That my wrist feels a little better is good – it’s been my excuse for not exercising. I finally got the industrial wrap, one which I’d been avoiding because it was twice as much as the other ones.

I’m at the same weight. A little softer. But I’m still convinced, if not as enthusiastic. Giving up the sugar is not hard. Giving up the beer lifestyle has been a bit more challenging.

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