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Quick Update

I’m feeling stronger and thinner although my weight has stabilized. I’m still adjusting to a strict no-sugar diet. In spite of my having little sugar, I still have cravings.

On Saturday I was invited to a wine tasting. There were many restaurants there peddling their non-paleo food. I did the best I could while maintaining politness. I stayed away from the barbecued pulled pork (sugar), and stuck to the chicken. I had the prosciutto and asparagus rather than the salsa over bread. Bread is easy to avoid.

I decided to try sushi. It was my first time I’d had japanese style rice since I started paleo, and I felt a difference immediately. I was bloated and uncomfortable even though I had only three small slices of a roll and three pieces of fish on rice. It’s particularly glutenous, so I wasn’t surprised. That evening, someone made a special dish for me – no pasta or bread – but eggplant parmesan. I simply maintained portion control and ate what I was served.

The next morning I just stuck to fruit.

The only other alteration I’m figuring out is raw milk. After a workout I may have a small glass. The benefit is that I haven’t gotten sick this year. I’m not generally having milk, cheese, or other dairy in my diet, and if I have yogurt it’s whole fat and very occasionally. I still call myself “paleo” because I’m not committed to dairy and can go without.

My workout routine has been two crossfit sessions a week with going to the YMCA to do some general easy workouts. I’ll focus on getting form right, going slow, sometimes going heavy. I’ll do eight sprints, three sets of dips, and lots of stretches. I’ll practice my double-unders for a few minutes. And they’re getting better.

In all parts, however, there’s improvement. Slow, steady, but noticeable improvement. It’s noticeable, in part, because these days I want to do more physical labor.

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  1. April 1, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    This sounds really good. I gotta work on my double unders too.

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