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Feeling Full

One of the biggest shifts is that I’m feeling full more, without feeling bloated.  Right now, I do think I have greater energy, in part because I’m laying off the booze.  That means I’m sleeping better.

I made two paleo dishes:  a chicken curry and a chicken soup.  Usually I make the curry with potatoes, and I serve it over a bed of rice.  This time, I made it with plenty of vegetables, including onions, garlic, red peppers, and spinach, adding a little coconut milk and eight ounces whole tomatoes.  My friend Fan thought it was the best curry I’d made.  I served it over the leftover mashed cauliflower I’d made earlier.

Usually I make chicken soup with rice.  I cut up the chicken and roasted it for a while, in the mean time cutting up carrots, celery, cauliflower and parsnips.  I sauteed the vegetables in … coconut milk, adding some chicken broth.  I barely covered the vegetables.

Once the chicken was roasted, I just placed it in the soup, bones and all, and let it cook until the chicken was falling off the bone.  I took it out, let it cool and, using only my hands, picked off all the meat, placing it in a separate bowl.  I took the meat and added it to the soup.

It’ll last me a couple days.  It was a superb post-workout meal, as it combined carbs and protein.

One of my questions:  what kind of reward should I give myself once I get through 30 days?  A new pair of jeans?  Or a 2006 Romanee’?

We did box squats today – my glutes definitely were being pushed more than they usually were.  I could feel them becoming rock hard.

I also broke one of my other rules.

I weighed myself again.

I’d been promising myself just once a week.  To weigh in every day is a symptom of madness, if not a way to incur it.  Our bodies fluctuate, and just because one gets up one morning and loses a pound, or gains another, isn’t reason to fret or feast.

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  1. Taylor
    February 2, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    What’s up? Go by the tape measure. Weight is too volatile. Only large changes are meaningful but even then the tape measure is a better guage.

  2. padremambo
    February 2, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    The tape measure is a much better way. That’s true. Still, it’s encouraging to lose a little everyday

  3. February 4, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    I confess to weighing myself a lot. Back when I was going from 217 (last January 1st) to 180 (last May), I would weigh myself and RECORD the data, like 15 times per week. Yes I’m OCD. Now I weigh about 175 (173.5 this past weekend). Week to week, it goes up two pounds, down two pounds. (These days I weigh myself only 3 times a week or so. It’s all relative: for me, that’s not obsession, it’s remission from an addiction.) What is a more important number to me these days? My back squat, my power clean… anything that measures my capacity for work. And, as for body composition, yes, I have a body fat percentage scale, but I can tell I’m in good shape from the look of my abs, and from the size 32 pants I bought a few weeks ago that are fitting just a little bit easier now than then. (I used to wear 38+).

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